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Choosing the Right CRM: Bigin Vs Zoho CRM - Which One Fits Your Business Needs?

Choosing the Right CRM: Bigin Vs Zoho CRM a blog by BITS Systems Zoho Authorized Partner
Choosing the Right CRM: Bigin Vs Zoho CRM

Before we go into the question of Choosing the right CRM : Bigin Vs Zoho CRM , let us explore a bit on what is CRM overall.

CRM software, otherwise called Customer Relationship Management software, is an incredibly robust tool that empowers businesses to effectively handle their customer interactions and relationships.

By providing a centralized platform for storing customer data, monitoring sales activities, and enhancing customer service, CRM software revolutionizes the way businesses operate. Irrespective of their size, every business can benefit from CRM software as it optimizes processes, amplifies customer satisfaction, and propels growth.

In today's highly competitive business environment, it is absolutely critical to establish and maintain robust customer relationships in order to achieve success. Fortunately, CRM software serves as an indispensable tool that empowers businesses to gain a holistic understanding of their customers' preferences, purchase history, and communication records.

Packed with this valuable information, companies can personalize their interactions, proactively anticipate customer needs, and ultimately provide unparalleled customer experiences.

Key Takeaways - Bigin Vs Zoho CRM

  • Choosing the right CRM is crucial for the success of your business.

  • Bigin and Zoho CRM are two popular options with different features and pricing.

  • Bigin offers a simple and streamlined interface with basic features for small businesses.

  • Zoho CRM offers a wide range of features and customization options for larger businesses.

  • Consider your business needs, budget, and integration requirements before choosing a CRM.


Understanding the importance of choosing the right CRM

Selecting the appropriate CRM software is a critical decision that can greatly influence a business' operations. Settling for an unsuitable CRM may result in inefficiencies, scattered resources, and overlooked opportunities.

Therefore, it is vital for businesses to meticulously assess their requirements and carefully consider numerous factors in order to make an informed decision.

Decreased productivity is one of the significant consequences that comes out of choosing the wrong CRM. Should the software fail to align with the business's operations or lack crucial features, employees will inevitably face difficulties when attempting to use it efficiently.

Consequently, valuable time will be wasted, leading to frustration, and ultimately hampering productivity, thereby impeding the business's ability to deliver exceptional customer service.

When choosing a CRM, businesses should carefully assess key factors such as scalability, customization options, integration capabilities, and ease of use. Scalability is essential to accommodate growth and increasing data volumes and user needs.

Customization options enable tailoring the CRM to specific needs, ensuring optimal functionality. Integration capabilities facilitate smooth data flow between the CRM and other business systems.

Finally, user-friendly design is crucial for quick employee adaptation without extensive training or support.

Overview of Bigin and Zoho CRM

Bigin and Zoho CRM stand out as top CRM software choices for businesses of any scale. Each platform provides a multitude of tools and capabilities meticulously crafted to optimize customer management and drive operational excellence.

Bigin, created by Zoho Corporation, is a CRM solution that caters perfectly to small businesses. It not only boasts a simplified interface but also places emphasis on vital features like contact management, deal management, and pipeline management. With its user-friendly nature, Bigin is the ultimate choice for businesses in need of a straightforward CRM solution that won't overwhelm them with unnecessary complexity.

Zoho CRM, on the other hand, is a comprehensive CRM platform suitable for businesses of all sizes. It offers a wide range of features, including contact management, deal management, pipeline management, automation capabilities, and advanced analytics. Zoho CRM provides businesses with the tools they need to effectively manage their customer relationships and drive growth.

Zoho CRM on the other hand is a powerful CRM platform designed to meet the needs of businesses of any scale. It provides an array of essential features such as contact management, deal management, pipeline oversight, automation capabilities, huge customization abilities and advanced analytics. With Zoho CRM, businesses have the essential tools to efficiently nurture customer relationships and fuel business expansion.

Features and functionalities of Bigin

Features and Functionalities of Bigin


Lead Management

Organize and manage leads efficiently with customizable fields, tags, and filters.

Deal Management

Track deals through the sales pipeline with ease and get a clear view of the sales process.

Task Management

Create and assign tasks to team members, set due dates, and track progress.

Calendar Management

Manage appointments, meetings, and events with a shared calendar.

Email Integration

Integrate with Gmail or Outlook to manage emails and track communication with leads and customers.

Reports and Dashboards

Get insights into sales performance with customizable reports and dashboards.

Mobile App

Access Bigin on-the-go with a mobile app for iOS and Android.


Customize fields, layouts, and workflows to fit your business needs.


Integrate with other apps and services such as Zapier, Mailchimp, and QuickBooks.

Bigin provides a range of crucial features and functionalities that are vital for successful customer relationship management. Among these, contact management stands out as a primary feature, allowing businesses to centralize the storage and organization of customer information. This capability streamlines access to customer details, communication history, and preferences, thereby enhancing the ability to create personalized interactions.

Deal management is another crucial feature offered by Bigin. It enables businesses to track and manage their sales opportunities from initial contact to closure. With deal management, sales teams can easily monitor the progress of each deal, assign tasks, set reminders, and collaborate with team members.

Bigin also has deal management. This feature empowers businesses to effectively track and manage their sales opportunities from the very first contact until the deal is closed. With deal management, sales teams can effortlessly keep an eye on the progress of each deal, assign tasks, set reminders, and collaborate seamlessly with fellow team members.

A significant feature of Bigin is its exceptional Pipeline management functionality. It offers businesses a visually compelling representation of their sales pipeline, empowering them to effortlessly monitor the advancement of deals at every stage. By efficiently identifying bottlenecks in the sales process, this remarkable feature enables businesses to actively enhance their overall efficiency, paving the way for greater success.

Additionally, Bigin provides a variety of customization features that empower businesses to personalize the CRM according to their individual requirements. Users have the ability to modify fields, layouts, and workflows to align with their distinct business processes. This level of flexibility guarantees that Bigin can accommodate the specific demands of diverse industries and businesses.

Features and functionalities of Zoho CRM

The features and functionalities of Zoho CRM are comprehensive and tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Here , we are trying to put a comprehensive list of features that Zoho CRM has based on the various aspects of business operations in a table format.


Description of Feactures

Sales Force Automation

Zoho CRM provides tools to automate sales, marketing, and support tasks, streamline workflows, manage leads effectively, track deals, and maintain strong customer relationships.

Canvas Design Studio

The Canvas Design Studio in Zoho CRM allows users to personalize the CRM interface by rearranging elements through a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, offering flexibility in designing views that suit individual preferences or industry-specific requirements.

Sales Enablement

Zoho CRM's Sales Enablement features empower sales teams with resources for creating quotes, accessing sales scripts, managing financial aspects efficiently through integrated tools within the CRM platform. Additionally, it facilitates partner collaboration through dedicated portals and ensures smooth calendar synchronization with popular productivity suites such as Google Workspace and Office 365 for enhanced operational efficiency.

Performance Management

Zoho CRM's Performance Management functionalities focus on boosting sales team efficiency through precise revenue forecasting, gamification strategies for enhancing productivity, effective customer categorization methods, multi-currency support, AI-powered lead prioritization, and website visitor tracking to drive improved sales outcomes and overall business performance.

Predictive Sales

Zoho CRM's Predictive Sales tools offer predictive analytics capabilities through the AI assistant Zia embedded within the platform. Users can harness Zia's features for data management tasks, sales forecasting, anomaly detection, task automation support, and other intelligent functionalities that optimize sales processes and decision-making based on predictive insights provided by Zia's AI capabilities.


Zoho CRM's Customization tools empower users to personalize the CRM platform according to unique business requirements by configuring data collection methods, modifying information display formats, adapting language preferences, implementing multi-currency support for global operations, creating customized layouts for streamlined processes, configuring views with specialized filters for targeted data access, and ensuring tailored user experiences tailored through customizable settings within the CRM interface.

Marketing Automation

Zoho CRM's Marketing Automation functionalities facilitate seamless coordination between marketing and sales activities through lead generation tools, email campaign management features integrated within the CRM system. Additionally, it offers customer segmentation capabilities for targeted marketing efforts, lead nurturing functionalities for enhancing customer relationships throughout the sales funnel stages, Google Ads integration for monitoring campaign effectiveness against revenue outcomes, and efficient event management tools within the CRM environment for streamlined communication during events.

Process Management

Zoho CRM's Process Management features enable users to streamline sales processes, guide teams through pipeline stages using Blueprints, automate rule-based actions, assign leads effectively, set up review mechanisms for data quality control, and establish structured processes to enhance operational efficiency.

Journey Orchestration

Zoho CRM's Journey Orchestration tools empower users to design personalized customer journeys, visualize customer paths dynamically, coordinate cross-departmental actions for consistent brand experiences, monitor journey progress, identify bottlenecks, and refine processes through data-driven insights provided by detailed reports.


Zoho CRM's Omnichannel capabilities enable seamless customer interactions across multiple channels by facilitating real-time engagement, managing email correspondence, integrating telephony services, monitoring social media feedback, and offering self-service portals for customers to access information independently.


Zoho CRM's Analytics tools assist users in evaluating sales activities, tracking performance metrics, forecasting trends, generating real-time reports on sales and marketing initiatives, developing analytical dashboards for monitoring KPIs, and leveraging data-driven insights to optimize decision-making processes within the organization.

Remote Work

Zoho CRM's Remote Work features empower users to engage in productive remote work practices by facilitating virtual communication channels such as conducting presentations/meetings/webinars within the platform; enabling team collaboration through digital interactions; accessing sales analytics remotely; staying connected with clients using mobile applications; maintaining robust security measures to safeguard data integrity while operating in distributed work environments effectively.


Zoho CRM emphasizes data security through role-based access controls; permission settings; GDPR-compliant data handling practices; HIPAA-compliant measures for ePHI protection; secure developer platform options like REST API integration/Widget SDK/Web & Mobile SDK utilization; event-driven coding capabilities using Deluge/Java/Node.js/Python languages within CRM workflows to ensure robust data security standards are maintained throughout all operations within the platform.

Developer Platform

Zoho CRM Developer Platform enables users to create customized solutions by integrating systems seamlessly utilizing REST API connectivity; designing personalized interfaces with Widget SDK; developing web/mobile applications using Web & Mobile SDKs without infrastructure complexities; utilizing event-driven coding functionalities in Deluge/Java/Node.js/Python languages to enhance CRM data processing capabilities effectively.


Zoho CRM offers calendar management features that allow users to access multiple calendars centrally within the platform; set meeting reminders conveniently; convert meetings into recurring events effortlessly; streamline calendar operations by integrating Google Workspace and Office 365 calendars smoothly into the system for enhanced scheduling functionalities.

Team Collaboration

Zoho CRM promotes team collaboration by enabling virtual meetings with audio/video capabilities for extensive participation; offering screen sharing options for interactive sessions; ensuring seamless team coordination on tasks via mobile collaboration functionalities accessible from any location.

Mobile Apps

Zoho CRM Mobile Apps provide users with real-time access to critical business information while being mobile-responsive; enable remote client/colleague connectivity via mobile devices; facilitate agile responses to market changes by leveraging mobile app functionalities seamlessly within the platform.

Choosing the Right CRM: Bigin Vs Zoho CRM at a Glance - BITS Systems Zoho Authorized Partner
Choosing the Right CRM: Bigin Vs Zoho CRM at a Glance

Pricing comparison between Bigin and Zoho CRM

When businesses are evaluating CRM software options, it is crucial to take pricing into account. Fortunately, both Bigin and Zoho CRM provide a range of pricing plans tailored to suit different budgets and needs.

Bigin offers three pricing options: Free, Express , and Premier. The Free plan is perfect for small businesses with fundamental CRM requirements and accommodates up to 1 user. The Express plan, which starts at $7 monthly per user, provides extra features like email integration and workflow automation. The Premier plan, priced at $12 per user per month, includes advanced functionalities such as territory management and custom roles. Choose the plan that best suits your business needs and budget.

Zoho CRM provides four distinct pricing options: Free, Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. The Free plan caters to small businesses with fundamental CRM requirements and accommodates up to three users. Starting at $14 per user per month, the Standard plan offers enhanced features like email integration and workflow automation. For $23 per user per month, the Professional plan incorporates advanced functionalities such as sales forecasting and social media integration. The Enterprise plan, beginning at $40 per user per month, provides additional features like advanced analytics and territory management.

When comparing Bigin and Zoho CRM pricing plans, businesses must take into account their unique requirements and budget limitations. Evaluating the included features of each plan and identifying the ones indispensable for the business's operations becomes crucial.

Ease of use and user interface comparison

The ease of use and user interface of a CRM software can have a profound impact on its adoption and effectiveness within a business. Bigin and Zoho CRM both provide user-friendly interfaces that are specifically designed to streamline the CRM experience for users.

Bigin offers a sleek and user-friendly interface that prioritizes key features. The design is streamlined and easily navigable, catering to small businesses in need of a straightforward CRM solution. Users can efficiently access contacts, oversee deals, and monitor their sales pipeline without requiring extensive training or technical knowledge.

In addition to its wide range of features, Zoho CRM stands out for its user-friendly interface, which guarantees a seamless user experience. The interface is specifically designed to be intuitive and highly customizable, enabling users to effortlessly personalize their workspace to suit their individual preferences. With Zoho CRM, you have absolute control over your workspace as you can easily rearrange modules, create custom views, and define workflows. This unparalleled flexibility ensures that the CRM interface perfectly aligns with your unique needs and working style.

When evaluating Bigin and Zoho CRM, businesses need to take into account their unique needs and the technical skills of their staff. Bigin provides a user-friendly interface ideal for small businesses, whereas Zoho CRM offers a more extensive interface with advanced customization capabilities.

Integration capabilities of Bigin and Zoho CRM

Businesses that depend on multiple systems to streamline their operations require strong integration capabilities. Bigin and Zoho CRM both provide integration options, enabling businesses to seamlessly connect their CRM with other software applications.

Bigin provides effortless integration with various Zoho applications, including Zoho Mail and Zoho Books. This integration empowers businesses to optimize their workflows and maintain uniform data flow among diverse systems. Moreover, Bigin facilitates seamless integration with leading third-party applications via APIs, enabling businesses to link their CRM with email marketing platforms and e-commerce systems.

With its impressive integration capabilities, Zoho CRM empowers businesses to seamlessly connect their CRM with a vast array of applications. G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, and Mailchimp are just a few of the well-known tools that Zoho CRM effortlessly integrates with. Moreover, Zoho CRM's marketplace provides support for integration with countless other applications, granting businesses the ability to craft tailor-made workflows and automate data synchronization.

When evaluating the integration capabilities of Bigin and Zoho CRM, businesses need to closely examine their current software ecosystem and the specific integrations they need. It is crucial to assess the availability of native integrations as well as the simplicity of connecting the CRM with other systems.

Customer support and training options

When selecting a CRM software, it is crucial to carefully evaluate customer support and training offerings. Both Bigin and Zoho CRM provide a range of support channels and training resources aimed at helping users fully leverage their CRM investment.

Bigin offers a variety of customer support options, including email, phone, and live chat, allowing users to easily access assistance for technical issues or general inquiries. Furthermore, Bigin provides an extensive knowledge base comprising user guides, video tutorials, and FAQs, empowering users to swiftly find solutions to their queries through self-help options.

Zoho CRM provides exceptional customer support with a wide range of options. Whether it's through email, phone, or the convenience of live chat, their dedicated support team is always at your disposal. No matter what technical or functional hurdles you may face, Zoho CRM's team is there to guide you every step of the way. And that's not all - they also offer an extensive knowledge base that's chock full of helpful resources. From comprehensive documentation and enlightening video tutorials to engaging community forums, Zoho CRM empowers users to find answers and deepen their understanding of the platform's remarkable features and functionalities.

In terms of training options, Bigin offers a wide range of training options to ensure users have all the necessary knowledge to excel in CRM. With convenient online training sessions and engaging webinars, users can easily get started and become proficient. These training sessions cover essential topics such as CRM basics, effective contact management, and successful deal management. As an extra resource, Bigin provides access to a comprehensive library of video tutorials, allowing users to learn at their own pace while receiving expert guidance.

Zoho CRM University presents an extensive training initiative for users, delivering thorough instruction in CRM fundamentals such as sales automation, marketing automation, and analytics. The program offers a flexible learning experience with a range of online courses and instructor-led training sessions to accommodate diverse learning styles.

In order to make an informed decision, businesses should carefully evaluate the customer support and training offerings of Bigin and Zoho CRM. It is crucial to consider the specific requirements of the business and the level of assistance that may be necessary during the process of implementing and using the CRM system.

Case studies of businesses using Bigin and Zoho CRM

Examining case studies of businesses that have successfully implemented Bigin and Zoho CRM can provide valuable insights into the tangible benefits these solutions offer in real-world scenarios.

By using Bigin, small businesses can streamline their sales processes and enhance customer relationships. For instance, a small e-commerce company successfully centralized their customer data and monitored sales opportunities with Bigin. Through its deal and pipeline management capabilities, the company achieved higher sales efficiency and faster deal closures. Bigin's simplified interface enabled the sales team to easily adapt to the CRM, leading to boosted productivity and customer satisfaction.

Zoho CRM has demonstrated its value as a crucial tool for businesses in diverse industries. A software development company successfully utilized Zoho CRM to streamline their sales pipeline and foster better teamwork. By leveraging Zoho CRM's robust deal and pipeline management functionalities, the company achieved greater insight into their sales operations and pinpointed areas for optimization. Furthermore, the integration capabilities of Zoho CRM empowered them to seamlessly link the CRM with their project management software, ensuring smooth data flow and heightened productivity.

The case studies demonstrate the concrete advantages that businesses can attain through the implementation of Bigin and Zoho CRM. From boosting sales efficiency to enhancing collaboration, these CRM solutions have shown to be valuable assets for businesses of all scales.

So here are the final thoughts on choosing the right CRM for your business

Choosing the right CRM is critical for a business's success. Bigin and Zoho CRM offer features to streamline customer management.

When choosing a CRM, consider scalability, customization, integration, ease of use, pricing, support, and training to align with specific requirements for an informed decision.

Bigin is ideal for small businesses with a simple interface. Zoho CRM offers comprehensive features for businesses of all sizes.

Choose CRM software based on specific needs, budget, and expertise. Consider the insights to manage customer relationships effectively and drive growth.


What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. This powerful software is designed to assist businesses in efficiently managing their interactions with both existing customers and potential clients.

What are the benefits of using a CRM?

Utilizing a CRM solution empowers businesses to enhance customer relationships, amplify sales performance, optimize operational efficiencies, and unlock valuable customer insights.

What is Bigin?

Bigin, developed by Zoho, is a remarkable CRM software meticulously designed for small businesses. It provides an array of fundamental CRM features including contact management, deal tracking, and pipeline management, ensuring seamless operations for entrepreneurs.

What is Zoho CRM?

Zoho CRM is a robust CRM software that provides a wide range of advanced features, including marketing automation, analytics, and seamless social media integration. It caters to businesses of all scales, ensuring no organization is left behind.

What are the differences between Bigin and Zoho CRM?

Bigin is not only a cost-effective CRM software but also has a user-friendly interface tailored specifically for small businesses. On the other hand, Zoho CRM is a robust solution equipped with advanced features to cater to the needs of businesses across all sizes.

Which one should I choose? Bigin or Zoho CRM

The decision of whether to choose Bigin or Zoho CRM depends on the specific requirements and financial resources of your business. For small businesses with fundamental CRM needs, Bigin could be a fitting option. On the other hand, if your business requires more advanced features and has a larger budget, Zoho CRM might be the preferable choice.

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