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Benefits of CRM- how it can help your business?

Updated: Apr 12

Benefits of CRM an article written by BITS Systems - Zoho Authorized Partner
Benefits of CRM

We will be going through a brief on the benefits of CRM ,some basic reasons why using a good CRM will benefit you in your organization .Whether you use it for contact management ,process automation ,CRM will help you to create an efficient platform to assist you in driving your business forward.

In this rapidly evolving business environment ,time is the key and essence of everything. You need all the information about your customers, contacts ,vendors in one single place at your fingertips not scattered around sitting in silos.

Irrespective of your location or travel time you might need to share your contacts, interactions ,key account information ,amongst your colleagues and employees –for every inquiries, orders , calls, emails, meetings etc .

CRM will help everyone to be in the loop , for structuring, planning and managing of your daily work schedule ,thus eliminating any chances of missing deadlines and reputation losses.

You will be super quick, in order to beat your competitors and make them insignificant you need clarity, control and speed in executing your marketing, sales and customer care activities.

Marketing automation – when you have a CRM implemented you have more customer insights, which means its safe to say that you know what your customers wants to see ,what are they searching for .Marketing and Sales for any organization is the survival process and more business depends upon effective positioning of the organization and its offerings at the correct time -it is important to generate interest among customers all around the business year by sequential pieces of communications and relevant contents.

Social Factor – one of the benefits of CRM is that you will be socially active and responsive – most of the CRMs ( Zoho,Hubspot,Agile etc) has the ability to connect social handles and generate leads out of interactions. This is a win win scenario, not only you are getting your brand recognized you are establishing interactions with people interested in your offerings, you are establishing your brand as very- responsive and what’s more you are generating leads out of this.

You can reach your prospects using multiple ,channels like Emails, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn ,Twitter or launch other online campaigns .Offline campaigns such as seminars ,trade shows or prints ,Flyers,banners,visiting cards etc you can then use the CRM for consolidating marketing data. This will help you to get real insights on marketing metrics thereby establishing a solid and robust system to monitor your ROI on campaigns.

Summing up ,a well-structured and properly implemented CRM system will maximize the potential from your existing customer base –you will maintain happiness factors of your clients which will drastically expand cross selling ,referral opportunities. Target new customer acquisitions and avoid losing follow ups.

Go green and as much paperless as you can, with many CRMs offering scanning apps – scan and dump all business cards ,contact scraps , diaries, into your CRM .This will not only help clearing up your work desk but you might be steps ahead of the competition by using a CRM.

There are many benefits of CRM, we can keep going however, by now we hope you have a fair idea of them.

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