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How Zoho CRM Can Help You Predict the Future

Updated: Apr 12

How Zoho CRM Can Help You Predict the Future ?

How Zoho CRM Can Help You Predict the Future - BITS Systems - Zoho Authorized Partner
Predicting Future

Are you a business owner who wants to predict the future of your business? Are you trying to foresee any upcoming opportunities or challenges? Predicting the future can be difficult, even if you know what’s happening in the present. In this post, we’ll take you through some common ways businesses predict the future and what the CRM Strategy is.

With Zoho CRM, you can create custom reports and analyze data to help you gain insights into your business and make better decisions. Zoho CRM allows you to analyze and predict customer behavior so that you can stay ahead of the competition and make better business decisions overall.

Predicting the future can be a fun, exciting way to learn more about yourself and your customers. By gaining insight into what might happen in the future, you can plan accordingly and react faster than your competitors when big changes occur in your industry.

You can use Zoho CRM to do just that! and we will show you how to use Zoho CRM to keep on top of everything going on in your company at once. First, we’ll go over how most of the businesses make their predictions (in brief), then we’ll take a deeper look at what it offers , and in fact define how Zoho CRM can help you predict the future of your business better than ever before!

Steps to Be Involved in Zoho CRM Strategy

Step 1. Identify Critical Changes in

This means finding out what’s currently preventing you from improving your current sales pipeline, or any other key metric. For example, if you’re having trouble closing sales and it’s an issue of getting qualified leads in front of your sales team, then that could be one critical change worth evaluating. Maybe there are not enough quality leads in your pipeline or maybe your sales team needs better coaching. The first step is figuring out where exactly a shift needs to happen.

Zoho CRM along with Zia ( AI Assistant of Zoho ) can help you automate tasks , get some of your work done in few seconds which otherwise would have taken hours to research and identify problems in the areas of your business.

Zia the AI assistant of Zoho offers suggestions, detects anomalies and also advises users when they should be making contact with prospects. Zia uses data around CRM usage to identify patterns and predict potential anomalies. This lets you know when you’re doing well while identifying the points where there might be an issue.

Step 2. Document Relevant Records

Your users can document their interactions with a customer by creating and documenting events in Zoho CRM. The customer’s lead record will automatically update, and that data will flow down into your records. From there, you can create custom reports based on your specific event types, including tasks and cases. Your users can use your platform as an additional resource for tracking tasks and managing interactions

Step 3. Predict Patterns

In today’s digital world, almost everything around us can be tracked. Every interaction we have online is being recorded by our computers and smartphones; even apps on our phones are collecting information about us. And it doesn’t stop there: if you have a fitness tracker or set up automatic bill pay online, you’re tracking your life! But what does all of that data mean? More often than not, it means a lot of numbers with little to no correlation. However, one app has transformed data into something useful: Zoho CRM.

Utilizing both customer and non-customer information within its system, Zoho allows businesses to track patterns and predict future outcomes. Zia in Zoho CRM notices the repetitive tasks for users and suggests macros or workflows, which they can create in a click, imagine the time you save for this. Not only this , Zia reads CRM data to provide the best time frame for an appropriate contact with a customer. What it does is that it is saving time and improving your chance of closing a deal.

Step 4. Test Out Results

Once you’ve established the above mentioned points successfully , congratulations! The hard part is over. Now it’s time to prove your newfound success by taking your New Digital Transformation out for a test drive. This will give you valuable insight into how well (or how poorly) your CRM strategy has performed and help guide future endeavors. Before we dive in, remember that every company and industry is different, so what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another.

Design a Blueprint in Zoho CRM – Zoho CRM is both an automatic and systematic process for improving sales. Blueprint in Zoho ensures compliance from the entire team, making the process repeatable as well as systematic. It ensures a proper SOP is maintained across teams and throughout your Organization.

Use Sales Signals in Zoho CRM to get the real-time notifications of any touchpoints you established with your Leads, Prospects, and Existing customers, based on that automate the necessary things. Customers have many channels, they communicate with your company. They do so by visiting the website, filling up surveys, asking for support tickets, or posting on social media. SalesSignals in Zoho CRM keep you informed in real-time about your customers’ interaction with your brand across multiple channels.

Why using Zoho CRM will help you succeed in business ? is Zoho CRM the Best Option Out There ?

There are many customer relationship management (CRM) software options out there, but very few of them focus on predicting your customers’ future behavior. And that’s a huge gap in their approach because, if you can anticipate what your customers will want before they even know it themselves, you’ll be miles ahead of your competition.

Fortunately, Zoho CRM has you covered by including an artificial intelligence engine that learns from past behavior and tracks user actions to help predict future behavior. It allows you to create highly accurate scenarios based on each customer’s unique sales funnel and offers tailored predictions for real-time support.

Who are we ?

We at BITS Systems provide a wide range of implementation services for CRM ERP Enterprise Software Products.We are Authorized Zoho Partners located at Bengaluru , providing implementation services for Zoho CRM , Zoho CRM Plus , Zoho ONE, Zoho Creator , Zoho Books, Zoho Recruit. We also work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, Service & PSA .

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