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Mailchimp as a CRM

Updated: Apr 12

How can you use Mailchimp as a CRM - a blog written by BITS Systems - Zoho Authorized Partner
Mailchimp as a CRM

Mailchimp is one of the popular email marketing tool available in the industry, and while working with most of the small and medium businesses, we get a query –whether we can use Mailchimp as CRM ? Well the answer is both yes and no.

Mailchimp as a CRM – Can we seriously do that ?

  1. Yes if you intend and want a simple –relationship maintenance with customer by sending them email or campaigns regularly.

  2. No if you want to build more customer information and create a central repository, interact in different ways and create / measure serious engagements.

The YES scenario-

  1. Start by importing your data –leads list, subscribers etc

  2. Create personalized experience for every customer-email,landing pages,postcards,signup forms ,google re-marketing, Facebook adds from Mailchimp

  3. Create segments –sections to organize your data

  4. Workflow simulation- you can create a automation or triggers based on different segments of your data and client reponses.

  5. Analyze reports

The NO scenario-

  1. Identify and implement a suitable CRM based on your budget and requirements.

  2. Upload and import your data- leads-subscribers customers etc in CRM

  3. Integrate Mailchimp with your CRM

  4. Analyze –build – alter customer acquisition /retention steps or strategies.

MailChimp integration- how it works is it attaches the two systems together .Firstly let’s know regarding the fundamentals of how the MailChimp sync works .There are two elements of the mixing contact syncing and campaign logging let’s start with contact syncing ,this is often the primary reason that a CRM and your MailChimp account can connect.

One would not like to manage all contacts separately in each 2 systems and do tons of extra work by keeping mailing lists up to date in 2 places .This can be achieved by connecting your CRM along with your lists in MailChimp.

Once you connect the sync your CRM and MailChimp lists can update each different automatically keeping everything up to date .However,before explore this association you may want to create your lists in MailChimp.

A list contains a bunch of individuals referred to as Leads or subscribers and each time you send an email campaign through MailChimp you will send it to one of your lists.

The intergration points with most of the CRMs are common in the level of –Leads-Contacts-Accounts-Deals-Groups. Sometimes in CRM we can also see the Activity Feed of Campaigns that shows that they received an email campaigns through MailChimp.

We can even explore opened-bounced –not opened status of email campaigns. We can expand that email and view the full text used in it . By this you are able to easily recall and see email promotions and communication in context with notes ,tasks ,individual logged emails and everything else in your contacts history or lead to closure trails .

Benefits when you use Mailchimp along with your CRM-

  1. Explore deep insights of your customer data- knowledge is power

  2. Centralized data

  3. Identify perfect content based on your audience taste and response parameters.

  4. Create and establish multiple contact points with your leads, customers

  5. More promotions – more customer acquisitions.

By following this you can use Mailchimp as a CRM , however it might not be the best solution to go for if you are looking to build a long term and more robust solution for your business.

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