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CRM for Real Estate – What it means and what to look for ?

Updated: Apr 12

CRM for Real Estate a brief article from BITS Systems - Zoho Authorized Partner
CRM for Real Estate

CRM for Real Estate – What it means?

Land/Property is turning into an inexorably focused industry. Progressive and ground breaking organizations, with aspirations of developing their business, even in formal or casual occasions, are always searching for approaches to increase customer interactions .All the more likely its a part of the administration now to connect with their customers and truly make a focused and advanced communications with them compared to their rivals. In the present innovation driven world, customer relationship executives (CRM) apparatuses assume a noteworthy job in this booming Real Estate industry and that is where a need arises to manage this with the help of a CRM for Real Estate .

Customer Relationship Management is a broadly executed procedure for dealing with an organization’s collaborations/interactions with their clients, customers and deals prospects. It includes utilizing innovation to compose, computerize, and synchronize business forms and different processes.

CRM is the software systems that effective organizations, including Real Estate Brokers, Smaller Agencies, utilize each day. It is seen organizations that successfully utilize a CRM framework centre around their Customers – Buyer’s agent, Owners, purchasers and occupants – and they fabricate a greater and better business as a result of it. Using CRM for Real Estate is a must practice in order to stay up to date and progressive.

What you need to have ?

Location Independence – Deal with Your Pipeline from Anywhere

With CRM improve your business cycle with conditional parameters and set timely alerts on various stages segment customer profiles and different groups (rental properties – multifamily properties, single family house etc).

Email Marketing Automation

Make sure your CRM can integrate with your favourite email marketing tools like Mailchimp, Zoho Campaigns etc . Integrate Email campaigns, AB test mailers from your Email marketing tool with CRM and analyse the response from CRM.

Document Management

Keep your documents organized according to Customer accounts. All records — exchange narratives ,purchase contracts ,listing contracts , current postings and signed/unsigned agreements — remain composed and remain to be pulled out whenever you need and wherever you are.

Work flow Automation –

Effortlessly track day to day undertakings, task logbooks, and create an organizational work processes in your CRM.

Personal Assistance – Never Miss Customer Interaction –

Set reminders, follow-up’s , showings , Inspections ,important dates , ie in short spend more time with your prospects and customers .

App Support –

We live in a world where we can’t imagine our lives without our smart phones then why not having an app for CRM .Having an app support from CRM can Track your visits by checking in sites , help you track locations and checking necessary info on the go.

Hope you have understood our attempt of giving few basics of CRM for Real Estate and what are few features you need to have in order to use it relevantly and which eventually can help you increase your Real Estate business and manage it more efficiently. This also throws a need to look for an experienced CRM implementation partner who can suggest the right CRM for your requirements and help you to achieve the above mentioned business goals.

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