ERP for Manufacturing Companies

erp for manufacturing

ERP for Manufacturing Companies – Do we really need it now ?

Every enterprise will start their IT adoption with an accounting package.  But as they grow with more of the following mentioned below , they start facing problems-

• Products
• Raw Materials
• Dynamic Bill of Materials
• Customers
• Suppliers
• Locations (multiple manufacturing locations)They face the Following Challenges – as the complexity of the organization grows more,
• Material Stock-out or excess inventory
• On-time delivery tracking to the customer
• Product costing not linked to customer proposals
• Customer and Supplier advance payment tracking
• Customer Enquiry & Offer tracking
• Sub contract and WIP stocks
• Production – liked Bill of Materials
• Stock transfer to Consignment / C&F agents
• Multiple units data integration to generate a quick & real
• Customer and Supplier outstanding tracking
• Concession forms tracking

ERP for Manufacturing Companies-The only solution is to have an end to end integrated ERP solution catering to all the business functions of the Manufacturing Industry.

The following are the Business functions that needs to be covered

• Materials Management (MM)
• Sales and Distribution (SD)
• Planning and Production (PP)
• Finance and Costing (FICO)
• Plant Maintenance (PM)
• Quality Control (QC)
• Payroll

Our Modules – To cover these business functions

• Sales & Despatch
• Purchase & Stores
• Planning & Production
• Finance & Costing
• Quality Control
• Plant Maintenance
• Payroll
• Information Engine

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